The Bookworm Box: April & May

Colleen Hoover is my favorite author. She writes realistic characters and emotional stories like no one else. I haven't even read all her books yet because I want to savor them. Make them last. I own them all, but dole them out to myself sparingly, like priceless little nuggets. Which they are. If you go to the Review Archive you'll see more books by Colleen Hoover than any other author. 

And it's not just Colleen's books that I love. Because as a person she is just as impressive. She is humble and kind and generous. Last year she hosted book giveaways every single day of the year. But Colleen's generous nature wanted to give on a larger scale and that's how The Bookworm Box came to be. Colleen started a monthly book subscription service where 100% of the profits after overhead costs are donated to a different charity each month. Colleen started this from her home and fulfilled orders herself along with the help of her sister, mom and others. The response was incredible and several thousand dollars was raised in the very first month (March 2015). Since then interest has only grown, more money has been raised for charities, and The Bookworm Box will soon have a retail space in Sulphur Springs, TX. I just ordered for the third month in a row and have loved every box. I love what Colleen is doing and will definitely continue to support her efforts.

So I thought I would share what comes in The Bookworm Box(es). In the first couple months there were two boxes offered each month - the featured box and an indie box. Starting in May this was streamlined and now there is just one box offered.



In April's indie box I received Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd. (Not everyone receives the same book(s).) I am so excited to read this one! There was also some fun book swag. Bookmarks, a pen, and a CD from Griffin Peterson. If you've read Maybe Someday by Colleen you'll know that Griffin is who she collaborated with to create all the songs featured in the book. (Fun fact: Griffin is also the cover model on Losing Hope.)



When I opened April's featured box I think I actually gasped. I had one of those "this must be fate" moments. Because included in the box was none other than My Favorite Book of All Time. The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. To have this beautiful edition of the book - SIGNED - made me positively giddy. I mean, wow. Just. Wow. Also included was Jacked by Tina Reber. Tina is a new (to me) author and this book has fantastic ratings/reviews at GoodReads. What a fun way to discover a new author!


I just received my May box yesterday and was *so* excited to open it. I swear, yet again kismet was at work. A signed copy of Confess! Color me happy! I happen to be reading Confess right now so I now have two copies. At some point I'll do a giveaway for the extra copy. :) The second book was After by Anna Todd. Sooo, yeah, I had quite a love/hate relationship with the entire After series but still... pretty sweet to have a signed copy!

I'm already looking forward to June's box and it hasn't even shipped yet. If you're a book lover, The Bookworm Box is such a win-win situation. You get two books (signed by the authors) and book swag every month PLUS you're doing a good thing by supporting some deserving charities. 

You can find more info about The Bookworm Box and how it works HERE.

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