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Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books I Read in Spring 2019

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This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic: 
Best Books I Read in Spring 2019

I'm going rogue for the second week in a row. I just recently did a post on my most anticipated releases of the summer and that basically overlaps with my summer TBR. So instead I'm going to share the top ten books I read in the spring (March-April-May).

Watching You | 4.25 stars
Getting Schooled | 4.25 stars
The Bride Test | 4.5 stars
How to Save a Life | 4.5 stars
Intercepted | 4.25 stars
The Unhoneymooners | 4.25 stars
Long Shot | 5 stars

Were any of these one of your favorites? 

Review: Superfan by Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen
Publication date: June 25, 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Tuxbury Publishing



Three years ago I met the most amazing girl in the world. We were both down on our luck. Then I got that call—the one that tells you to get your buns on a plane to go meet your destiny.

But the girl was left behind. I didn’t have her phone number, and she didn’t know my real name.

While I became a professional hockey player, she became a superstar, with platinum records and legions of fans. And a slick, music producer boyfriend who treated her badly.

But fate wasn’t done with us yet. When Delilah turns up at a hockey game, I can’t resist making contact. The internet swoons when I ask her out on a date.

She might not remember me. But her jerkface ex does. He’ll do anything to keep us apart.

Good thing athletes never give up. This time I’m playing for keeps.

M Y   T H O U G H T S

Let me start by saying that this is the first of the Brooklyn Bruisers books I’ve read, so I went in totally unfamiliar with the characters and their back stories. I adore Sarina Bowen and am working my way through her entire backlist but just haven’t gotten to this series yet. Even so, I had no problem jumping right into Superfan and was totally invested in Silas and Delilah. So if, like me, you haven’t read the previous books in the series, never fear – pick it up, start reading, and you’ll be sucked right in.

Silas and Delilah met three years ago when she was a struggling musician and he was tending bar while trying to formulate a Plan B when his efforts to play professional hockey didn’t pan out. Timing is everything and it was definitely not on their side. When they reconnected, now both successful in their careers, all the same feelings were still there but their lifestyles were even more hectic and incongruous than before. But no way was Silas willing to lose Delilah a second time!

This was a swoony second-chance romance with all the Sarina Bowen magic. Silas was incredibly down to earth and unassuming. Sweet and thoughtful and protective – definitely one of the good guys. Delilah made jokes about being a diva but in reality she was the same girl as when she was still unknown and struggling. Their chemistry jumped off the page and their easy banter kept a smile on my face. But they still didn’t have an easy road to a future together. Between living on opposite coasts, their crazy schedules, an ex that won’t get the message and let go, and a possible stalker… they had a lot to overcome. And I was pulling for them all the way.

Whether you’ve followed the Brooklyn Bruisers since the very first book, or if you’re brand new to the series, you’ll love being pulled into Superfan. Filled with great friendships, an addictive story and a swoony romance, Superfan is a total hit!


Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. This does not impact my opinion of the book or the content of this review. I received no compensation and my review is voluntary.

The Sunday Post #160

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  • Yesterday was a busy one with plenty of running around: had a hair appointment, got the oil changed in my car, bought a ceiling fan, went by Home Depot to pick up paint samples (the master bedroom makeover continues), and finally out to dinner. Hopefully today will be spent mostly at home.
  • I bought my mom a new-to-her (but actually refurbished from Amazon) iPhone and added her to our plan. She'd been using an ancient flip phone that did nothing more than make calls. My sisters and I have been trying to get her to text for years and she's resisted. Now texting lessons for my 74 year old mom begin. LOL
  • On the web: Suzanne Collins announced a Hunger Games prequel coming out next May. Can't wait for that one! GH shared a list of the top 25 books for your summer reading list. I loved seeing both The Bride Test and Mrs. Everything on there.
  • Because it's insanely hot here and because this drink looks insanely refreshing...


Despite it taking me almost 2 weeks to read (what the heck?), I totally enjoyed Red, White & Royal Blue. It was impossible not to fall a little in love with Alex and Henry and I enjoyed the balance between relationship + politics. Superfan was pure Sarina Bowen goodness. Silas was such a swoony hero - totally sweet, so thoughtful, without ego, and just such a good guy. Plus, I'm a sucker for a second chance romance.


I'm only 50 pages in to this one but, man, am I feeling bad for these kids! Especially Morgan, who is dealing with so much (gender identity, grief, bullying) and is doing it largely alone. I suspect this one is going to make my cry. *grabs tissues just in case*


My pre-order of Storm and Fury arrived. Even though I ordered just the book (signed and personalized) they sent the special edition Book Beau pouch anyway. I didn't really want or need it so I'll see if my niece wants it. And in the Amazon deal of the week, I snagged a paperback of Kill Devil Hills for $4.15! I read this one years ago and loved it so much and for some reason it never occurred to me that it was released in paperback. I assumed it was ebook only but I have absolutely no idea where I got that assumption from. LOL I saw author Sarah Darlington share a pic of the book on IG this week and immediately clocked over to Amazon. So excited to have this one and now I definitely need to do a reread.



How was your week? Any new books? Any news to share? 
I'd love to hear about it!

Review: I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver

Mason Deaver
Publication date: May 14, 2019
Genres: YA, Contemporary, LGBT
Format: Audiobook
Source: Hoopla

Narrator: MW Cartozian Wilson
Length: 8 hrs 34 min



When Ben De Backer comes out to their parents as nonbinary, they're thrown out of their house and forced to move in with their estranged older sister, Hannah, and her husband, Thomas, whom Ben has never even met. Struggling with an anxiety disorder compounded by their parents' rejection, they come out only to Hannah, Thomas, and their therapist and try to keep a low profile in a new school.

But Ben's attempts to survive the last half of senior year unnoticed are thwarted when Nathan Allan, a funny and charismatic student, decides to take Ben under his wing. As Ben and Nathan's friendship grows, their feelings for each other begin to change, and what started as a disastrous turn of events looks like it might just be a chance to start a happier new life.

At turns heartbreaking and joyous, I Wish You All the Best is both a celebration of life, friendship, and love, and a shining example of hope in the face of adversity.

M Y   T H O U G H T S

This. Was. Wonderful. 

Ben identified as non-binary - and was kicked out of their home because of it. The first couple chapters absolutely broke my heart. This kid, standing outside in January, with no shoes on their feet, trying to call a sister they hadn't seen in ten years to come pick them up. It was like a gut punch

Ben was precious. They were so sweet and so loving but their coming out experience had left them fearful and distrustful of possible reactions from others. There were so many times when I was silently begging Ben to speak up, to open up to their sister, to share their fears. But when I thought of myself at that age, and all the times I stayed silent and kept my fears and my worries to myself rather than voice them... I understood and I empathized. Ben struggled with anxiety and depression and panic attacks and my heart hurt that they were traveling such a rocky road on the way to finding solid ground.

There were so many aspects of this story that I loved. Ben's friend Nathan was kind and patient and always so upbeat. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Nathan in their life. Hannah and Thomas, Ben's sister and brother-in-law, were supportive and tried so hard. The story was therapy-positive and presented Ben's experience with their therapist as so worthwhile and affirming.

There were a couple instances where it felt like some character reactions were a little too perfect. They managed to say the exact right thing at the exact right time, and that made it feel a tiny bit inauthentic during those moments, but that was my only quibble. 

There came a point in this story where my heart was breaking for Ben (yet again) for all that they had to deal with. For all the hurt at the hands of the people who were supposed to love them unconditionally. For all the confusion they felt and for the fear of rejection. For their desire to just be accepted for who they were even as they worked to fully understand that themself. I found myself crying for Ben but I reminded myself that this was a work of fiction and there was no need to be so heartsick.

Then I thought about how, even though Ben may be a fictional character, there are so many real-life Ben’s out there, facing the same hurt and confusion and fear. 
And then I cried even harder.

4.5/5 STARS


Mason Deaver is a non-binary author who lives in Charlotte, NC, where the word ‘y’all’ is used in abundance. 

Typically, they’re writing incredibly queer stories, but when they decide to take a break, they love gardening and baking.

Instagram: @MASON_DEAVER

WWW Wednesday #53 | June 19, 2019

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Superfan (Brooklyn #3) - Sarina Bowen
I'm flying through this one (a total contrast to the almost two weeks it took me to read Red, White & Royal Blue!) and am already halfway through it. It kind of kills a piece of my soul to read book #3 in a series without having read the other books, but I just didn't have time to squeeze those in and still be able to get this one read by release day (June 25). I'll definitely go back and read the first two books, though. Because Sarina Bowen and because hockey. Although, there has been basically zero hockey in this one so far (womp womp). Still, I'm loving Silas... and I'm warming to Delilah. :)



Red, White & Royal Blue - Casey McQuiston
Him (Him #1) - Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Yes, it took me a day shy of two weeks to read Red, White & Royal Blue, but don't take that as a negative sign. Because I loved this story that managed to strike the perfect balance between romance + politics + sexuality/identity + humor + heartbreak. 

I also just finished my 673rd re-listen of Him. (Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration. It's probably more like the 9th or 10th.) I never get tired of Wes and Jamie's story and the narration by Teddy Hamilton and Jacob Morgan is sheer perfection. This is a total comfort read for me. 



Raze will probably be next up since it's an arc that releases on July 2. Birthday and There's Something About Sweetie are both library loans and it's anyone's guess if I'll get to them before they're due back. If I can only get to one of them it will be Birthday. I've seen some stunning reviews for that one and the premise really grabs me. I requested Sweetie on a whim when a blogger was raving about it but, truth be told, Menon's brand of YA just isn't really for me. I enjoyed Dimple, but Menon's style seems to be more of the cute/sweet YA and I gravitate more to the gritty/emotional stories (think Katie McGarry). But we'll see... maybe I'll manage to get to all three books. 

What are you currently reading?
I wanna know! :)