Top of the TBR: What I'm Most Excited to Read

Confession time. I have a habit of *not* reading the books I'm most excited to read. It's okay to look confused... I know it makes no sense. If I had to come up with a reason it would go something like this: I buy a book that I am super excited about. We're talking full-on grabby hands. One of those that you just somehow know you're going to love. I place it lovingly on the bookshelf. I admire it. I get happy knowing it's there. I look forward to picking it up, ogling the cover, rereading the synopsis (for the zillionth time), opening it up to that first page, getting drawn into the story, falling in love with the characters, getting all mushy/swoony/teary, and being happy and/or destroyed by the inevitable ending. This is all good stuff. But then it's all over. Finito. But in between that 'putting it on the bookshelf/admiring it' stage and the 'actually reading it' stage there is that delicious in-between stage of ANTICI... PATION. (*high five* if you get the movie reference. You are my people.) I truly enjoy the anticipation of knowing a book is *right there.* Ready and waiting. There is an awesome story with All The Feels at my fingertips. I can pick it up at any time... but I don't. Because I enjoy the anticipation too much. 

The downside of this special brand of crazy? I find myself reading books that I'm less than excited about. Books that may be good, may be enjoyable, but I'm not getting wowed. I finally had an epiphany of the what-are-you-waiting-for variety and I immediately came up with my Top of the TBR list. (Any excuse for a list, am I right?) I went through every physical book on my bookshelf and every book on my Kindle and came up with a list of books that has me happy, shiny, and doing jazz hands every time I look at it. (Okay, not really. That would just be weird.) But I am super excited to FINALLY be reading these books - many of which have languished forlornly on my bookshelf for a looong time. I'm ready to show 'em some love. Have you read any of the books on my list? I'm not reading them in order, so are there any that I need to move to the top of the list like yesterday? Let me know! 

So do you ever put off reading a book you're excited about? Or do you inhale those books as soon as they're in your greedy little hands? Do you have any bookish quirks you want to share? Come on, I shared mine. Tell me in the comments. :)

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