Jennifer Armentrout Book Signing

Jennifer Armentrout is a favorite author and I tend to inhale anything and everything she writes. She can do it all: contemporary, paranormal, romance, young adult, new adult. And when I saw Jennifer post that she would be doing a book signing in Daytona my first thought was: I'm there! Daytona is only a 90 minute drive for me so there was no way I was going to miss it. 

My husband and I decided to make a day of it and got an early start, stopping at the World Golf Village to have lunch at Caddyshack. Plus, I was determined to get to Barnes & Noble early and make sure I got a front row seat. :) Three hours early and turns out I wasn't even the first one there. Ha! One young woman was already seated and told me she had been there since 10 AM. Um, wow. LOL 

There were four authors making an appearance: Jennifer Armentrout, Tessa Bailey, Shayla Black and Laura Kaye. I think it was billed as an evening with four bestselling romance authors but I was actually only familiar with Jennifer and Shayla.

                                          JENNIFER ARMENTROUT                  TESSA BAILEY

                                              SHAYLA BLACK                            LAURA KAYE

The moderator gave a brief bio of each author and then asked a few questions about their newest releases before opening things up for questions from the audience. Jennifer's sense of humor was on display and it's obvious that the humor I love so much in her books comes naturally to her. And then it was signing time and an opportunity to meet and share a few minutes with the authors. 

                                             ME & JENNIFER                            ME & SHAYLA

I'd only met Jennifer once before (at YallFest in Charleston last year) so it was great to see her again and get a chance to chat without someone whose work I admire and enjoy so much. We talked about ApollyCon and how it's going to be in Savannah next year (again, I'm there!) and she commented on how I make notes on my page flags. :) She signed about 4 books for me and because I was one of the first in line, I got an ARC of Forever With You, part of the Wait For You series, which will release in October. 

Then it was on to Shayla's table and she was totally gracious and took all the time in the world to sign my book, talk about her Wicked Lovers series and how she has no plans to end it anytime soon (yea!) and was happy to pose for a photo.

Big shout-out to my husband who was more than willing to drive 3 hours round trip, arrive 3 hours early and be one of the only men in a group of women fangirling over authors and books. What a sport! Oh, and he totally called Jennifer "Kitten" while we were talking to her. Only you, Robert! :)

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