Review: Thrive (Addicted series #2.5)

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I'm going to love Lily how I want to love her. 
Overwhelmingly, uncompromisingly. 
Look away if you have to. – Loren Hale

I am such a fan of this series. I remember reading the first book, Addicted To You, a year or more ago and getting that delicious feeling that I had just stumbled upon something wonderful. Each book has drawn me in deeper and made me love these characters more. I don't know what I'll do when the final book is released and it's time to say goodbye. (Don't think about, don't think about it, don't think about it...)

Thrive encompasses a two and a half year time period that has already been covered with Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower. But here the focus is back on Lily and Lo and what they were experiencing during that time. The POV alternates between them and I loved having the story told that way. I have such a soft spot for these two damaged souls. Being in their heads and experiencing their pain is hard at times but it just makes my empathy for them that much stronger.

People make mistakes every day, some small and some big, 
but I just wonder when I’ll stop making them. Or is this 
lifelong thing? Do we all just wander through life, 
fucking up and trying to put ourselves back together 
only to continue on again? – Lily Calloway 

While we have already read about the filming of Princesses of Philly and its aftermath, and we've read about Paris riot, and the allegations against Lo's father, nothing here felt like a rehash. Those events were previously seen through the eyes of Connor and Rose and Ryke and Daisy. And while Lily and Lo were present we only got the perspective of others as to what they were going through. Here we get it straight from Lily and Lo. What they hid from the others, how they coped... or didn't, and how the events impacted them and their continued struggle for recovery.

We're going to have our happy ending. 
It's just going to take us a while to get there.

I loved Lily's strength here. She and Lo have long been there for one another and Lo is her rock. But there are times here where it is Lily's strength that carries them. She is there for Lo during his darkest times (Lo: "I don't want to be the weak one." Lily: "You won't be. Not for long.") and I just wanted to cheer for this sweet, awkward, lovable girl who has come so far.

She still has that delicate round face, the gangly arms and legs. 
She's adorable. In every sense of the word. 
And she's all mine to take care of. - Loren Hale

Krista and Becca Ritchie have created an amazing cast of characters with such depth and they continue to grow and evolve with each book. I love their banter and their bickering, their fierce loyalty to one another and the way they quickly close ranks when any of them is dealt a blow. We should all be so lucky to have family and friends like these.

The only thing left to say is: if you haven't already started this amazing series, what are you waiting for? :)


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