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Top Ten Tuesday: Hurry Up and Wait | Books I was Excited For, But Still Haven't Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This Week's Top Ten Tuesday Topic:
Books I Was Excited For... But Still Haven't Read
When it comes to attributes from the Bookworm Hall of Shame, this is probably my #1 offense. I have a long history of eagerly awaiting a new release, getting excited for the day it goes live and then... nothing. Maybe I pre-ordered it, maybe I ran out on release day and bought a copy, or maybe I just got hyped up by the author's social media posts counting down the days, but chances are if you checked with me weeks (or months *cringe*) later, that book is still unread. 

As for the why: Partly it's the 'too many books too little time' thing. It's cliché but it's true. And partly it's my own personal quirk of waiting to read books I am truly excited to read. The ones that I am sure I will love. Call it delayed gratification, or prolonging the anticipation, but I do it all the time.

So here are some of the books that I eagerly anticipated, but still have not read.😏

Have you read any of these books?

Short Take Reviews: Coach and Blitz by Devney Perry


by Devney Perry
Series: Treasure State Wildcats #1
Pub: 4/6/2023
4 stars

After a successful career as a professional football player, Ford is returning to his alma mater as a coach. Excited to settle into his new job and new home, along with his daughter Joey, Ford shows up on his first day shocked to find that Millie (the one that got away) also works in the athletic department. Best friends in college, Ford was ready to move things out of the friend zone with Millie when life dealt him a curveball that changed everything. Now, after ten years apart, Millie is suddenly back in his life.

I love a second chance romance and this one delivered. Ford and Millie had great chemistry and I enjoyed their journey as they made peace with the past and worked toward a future together. Millie understandably had some trust issues and wasn’t always the best communicator. Luckily, Ford excelled at being up front, stating how he felt, and what he wanted. Ford’s relationship with his daughter was a highlight and I loved his dedication to putting her first, even when it meant making concessions for Joey’s selfish, flighty mother. While no new ground was broken here, I enjoyed the low-stakes, low-drama romance with a couple that was easy to pull for.

by Devney Perry
Series: Treasure State Wildcats #2
Pub: 3/7/2024
3 stars

Toren is immediately taken with Jennsyn the first night he lays eyes on her. They have a hot and heavy one night stand and, despite having her number, he doesn't call her in the ensuing weeks. (His reasoning: he was totally thrown by their connection and the insanely good sex. Um, okay?) Imagine his surprise when he learns she is a 21 year old college student. The problem with that is him being a 32 year old assistant football coach at said college. Oops. 

What follows is many chapters of Toren and Jennsyn being all emo and angsty while trying to keep their distance - but then caving and having more hot and heavy sex when she sneaks over to his house late every night. (Did I mention that college girl lives right next door to college coach?) Separately I really liked Toren and Jennsyn. He was a decent guy, still feeling the loss of both his parents and a beloved uncle, and he took an active role in the lives of his young cousins. I sympathized with Jennsyn's struggle to forge her own path and extricate herself from her mother's overbearing plans and demands. But as a couple I just wasn't feeling it. Out of the bedroom there was a severe lack of communication which meant their relationship felt very surface-level. I was told they had a great connection but there was nothing to back that up. For the first time, a Devney Perry romance missed the mark for me because where was the romance?

Have you read these books?

Top Ten Tuesday: Dear Author, I Need More


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This Week's Top Ten Tuesday Topic:
Dear Author, I Need More...
Authors I Wish Could Write as Fast as I Read
We all have those favorite authors... the ones where we'll read whatever they write. But the problem is that, obviously, we read so much faster than they write. If it's a self-published author you can probably count on a book every few months, or least several times a year. But if it's a traditionally published author... well, sit back and get comfy because you'll likely get just one book a year (if that). That's a lot of waiting between books! 😩

Here's a list of the authors I wish could write new books as fast as I can read them.


Kristin Hannah - Waiting three years between books is a looong time.
Emily Rath - I have a few backlist books to read but I will quickly need more.
Kennedy Ryan - I inhale this queen's books, so a year or more in between feels like forever.


Jennifer Hartmann - Hartmann publishes one or two a year, but I could definitely read more.
Carian Cole - Cole's releases aren't really consistent so the wait can be long.
Lisa Jewell - A book a year just isn't enough when I want a mystery-thriller.

J. Bengtsson - I adore her family sagas and always want more.
Catherine Cowles - I feel bad for including Cowles because she actually does publish often, but I inhale each one right away and instantly want the next. 
Taylor Jenkins Reid - It's at least a year in between TJR's books and that's way too long for me to wait.
Colleen Hoover - Hoover's books seem fewer and farther between these days. I miss the time when she published more frequently.

Which author do you wish would publish more frequently?

The Sunday Post #363 | May 19, 2024


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
It's a chance to share news: a post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books, 
and share what's coming up on your blog in the week ahead.


Happy Sunday, friends. How was your week? Things were busy at the office on my end with meetings and deadlines and I was so ready to see the week come to an end on Friday afternoon. I came home, had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, and was in bed by 8:45 pm. lol I was wiped out. Of course that also meant that I was wide awake and ready to start my day at 4:30 Saturday morning. Ha!

Last Monday started out in the Mondayest of ways: I was walking into the garage to get into the car and head to the office and managed to break my toe. I shared some choice words, got in the car, and went on my merry way. When I got home that evening The Husband buddy-taped it for me and I've been hobbling around since then. Even though it's a lot less painful than it was, it looks horrible. Ugh.

The Husband was at the commissary (the grocery store on the Navy Base) on Thursday and they were doing some kind of customer appreciation event. He answered a trivia question correctly and won a bag of chocolates and a commissary gift card. Not a bad haul for a random grocery trip! 😀

This week's throwback song is Baker Street (1978) by Gerry Rafferty. It has a very late-70's soft rock vibe and is one of my favorites. Enjoy!


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Kindle: The Drawback of Single Dads by Piper Rayne - 4★
Audio: Him by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy - 5★
Kindle: Blitz by Devney Perry - 3-3.5★
Audio: This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan - 4.5★


Kindle: Ravensong (Green Creek #2) by TJ Klune


Not a thing.



Short Take Reviews: A Mystery, a Romance, and a Heartbreaker


No One Can Know
by Kate Alice Marshall
Pub: 1/23/2024
4.25 stars

When Emma’s husband loses his job, and she learns she is pregnant, she has no option other than return to her childhood home – the site of her parents’ grisly murder fourteen year ago. There Emma is confronted with her past: the cop who considered her the prime suspect, the locals who spread gossip and rumors, and her estranged sisters. As she beings to ask the questions she did not dare to ask all those years ago, she learns all what not as it seemed. And someone is willing to kill to keep their secrets.

With its slower pace and character-driven plot, No One Can Know is not what I would consider a typical mystery-thriller (not that I read an abundance of mystery-thrillers). Despite that, I was drawn into these strange characters and their even stranger circumstances from the very start. With past and present chapters from each of the three sisters, the truth of what happened the night of the murders slowly unravels. With plot twists, personal motivations, and an abundance of secrets, this one kept me guessing to the very end. An added bonus was Karissa Vacker’s narration which was top notch. 

The Drawback of Single Dads
by Piper Rayne
Series: Lake Starlight #4
Pub: 3/26/2024
4 stars

Palmer and Hudson were best friends who crossed the line one night. The result: their daughter Adley who they successfully co-parent. Palmer returned home to Lake Starlight, Alaska, knowing she would need the love and support of her family and Hudson followed her there. Now, living next door to one another, and raising three-year-old Adley together, their friendship has endured. Any feelings they had for one another were ignored for fear of upsetting the family dynamic they had created for their daughter. One of them just had to be brave enough to take the plunge and admit they wanted more.

Both Palmer and Hudson were likable characters and I loved how they were so dedicated to Adley. They started as friends and that bond remained, even when they both (privately) wished for more. I appreciated the representation of Palmer as a deaf heroine and that aspect was integrated smoothly and respectfully. As much as I enjoyed both main characters, I never truly felt their chemistry or was overly invested in their romance. Much of that is likely due to that fact that Hudson was involved in a relationship for much of the story, something I wasn’t a fan of. While this entry wasn’t my favorite of the series, there was still a lot to enjoy, and I always love returning to Lake Starlight.

by Sawyer Bennett
Series: Pittsburgh Titans #11
Pub: 1/16/2024
4.5 stars

As a professional hockey player, Boone is lauded for his skills on the ice, but it’s off the ice and behind the scenes where his light truly shines. Volunteering his time at a children’s hospital, Boone develops a special bond with Aiden, a 12-year-old boy battling cancer for the second time. When Boone meets Aiden’s older sister, Lilly, it’s obvious she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Trying to keep the family business afloat and overseeing Aiden’s care, while their father increasingly finds escape at the bottom of a bottle, leaves Lilly completely overwhelmed. Boone uses his contacts and resources to help this struggling family, while growing even closer to both Lilly and Aiden.

Saying this was an emotional read is an understatement. I adored these characters - so much. But there came a point when I was cursing Sawyer Bennett and vowing I would not continue the series. And yet… at the same time I loved these people, their kindness, their strength and resiliency, their innate goodness. Boone certainly fell into the too-good-to-be-true category, but I didn’t even care. He was humble and genuine and quick to act when he saw a need he could fill. His selflessness was staggering. And then there was Aiden, a kid who was dealing with more at the age of twelve than most do in a lifetime. His bravery and his humor made me want to jump into the pages and hug him fiercely. This book gutted me (and I still don’t forgive Sawyer Bennett) but I also won’t forget it.

Have you read any of these books?