February #ShelfLove Challenge: Book Boyfriends

February’s topic: Who is your book boyfriend (or girlfriend or best friend)? What qualities does this character have that makes him/her the best?

Asking me to chose one book boyfriend is like trying to eat one potato chip, or one cookie. Impossible! Absurd! And, really, why would I stop at just one? Sure, in real life that would be kinda skeezy, but we're talking fiction, people. So no judgment when I share the guys who bring on the serious swoonage. 

D A E M O N  B L A C K
Lux series - Jennifer L. Armentout
First and foremost, there is Daemon Black. Forever and always my #1.♥ Yeah, he's cocky and and doesn't know the meaning of the word modest, but he doesn't need to... he's Daemon Black. The hottest alien in this galaxy (or any other). And he would do absolutely anything to protect and save those he loves. Now that's attractive.
Hey, Kitten... want a cookie? Come and get it.

M I L E S  A R C H E R
Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover
I admit it - I'm a sucker for the damaged guy who is aloof and obviously harboring a painful past. But you know he is capable of loving and being loved - once his heart is healed by the right woman, of course. LOL Miles Archer fits this bill perfectly. A past that he cannot let go, weighed down by guilt, he's closed himself off. But, oh is he ever capable of so much more.

J A M I E  F R A S E R
Outlander series - Diana Gabaldon
We're going way back to one of my original book boyfriends - before I even knew book boyfriends were a thing. It's been 15 years or more since I first read Outlander and I remember being positively smitten with the young Scottish Highlander. Brave, well-educated, stubborn, protective, and a warrior. What more could you want?

Dark Elements series - Jennifer L. Armentrout
So yeah, Roth is a smoking hot demon. Actually a Crown Prince of Hell. I can work around that. There's also nobody I'd want on my side more than Roth. 


No book boyfriend list would be complete without these two guys. First, Will Cooper from Colleen Hoover's Slammed series. I fell for this guy - hard. He tries to always do the right thing (even when it ends up not being the right thing... his heart is in the right place), he is kind and respectful, and totally down for grand romantic gestures.

And then there's Cam Hamilton from Jennifer L. Armentrout's Wait For You. He's "gorgeous in all the ways that made girls do stupid things." He's an absolute sweetheart and... wait for it... he bakes cookies. Seriously, a sweet, sexy guy who bakes cookies? Does it get better than that?

 Who is your favorite book boyfriend? 

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