Review: The Truth About Melody Browne by Lisa Jewell

Originally read/reviewed July 2012

Pardon me if I gush, but I absolutely loved this book! I think I've read everything from Lisa Jewell, starting way back at Ralph's Party, but this one takes the cake. I was completely drawn in, completely invested in Melody and her search for the truth about her background. The slow but consistent unraveling of her memories and the secrets of her childhood was fascinating and heartbreaking. The long forgotten cast of characters (Ken, Grace, Matty, Emily, etc), the decisions that were made (for good or for bad... mostly bad), the twists of fate (too often cruel)... Melody's story was fascinating and I could hardly bear to put it down. I kept marveling at the resilience of one little girl. How much more could Life throw at her and just how much more could she adapt? The reunions with the figures from the past were so poignant and so filled with "what might have been." My heart ached for Melody. And I'll admit the last couple pages had me in tears. Kudos, Lisa Jewell, for creating this story and these characters! This goes directly to the keeper shelf!

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