Review: After Ever Happy

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There were several times throughout this series when I thought, what am I doing? Why am I subjecting myself to this? Life is too short. But, like the book crack it is, it kept me just hooked enough to keep coming back for the next fix. Plus, after slogging through the 2,104 pages of the first three books... no way was I giving up now. What's another 500 pages at this point? I'm no quitter. :)

Up until about the 90% mark, I was having the same issues that I've had in the three previous books. Namely, unlikable characters who belong anywhere but together. Hardin continued to be a total d-bag and Tessa was one of the weakest female characters I've ever read. And the fact is, an author is doing something terribly, terribly wrong when I find myself cheering when it appeared they had broken up for good. Sad, but true.

But I will say that the last 50 pages or so were an improvement. There was *finally* an element of character growth and I found myself enjoying the evolution of their relationship. The jumps in the timeline kept things fresh and the peeks into the future were actually interesting and (dare I say?) heartwarming.

This book series is repetitive to the extreme and the angst just keeps on coming but there was enough there to keep me interested/mildly entertained enough to complete the series. But should Anna Todd continue to write, it's very doubtful I would seek out anything else by her.

(Most Cringe-Worthy Moment: At one point Tessa referred to she and Hardin as Hessa. Yes, Anna Todd actually went there. She had her own character refer to her relationship using its fandom portmanteau. No. Just no.)

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