Best Reads of 2022 | Days 7-13 #BestReadsOf2022

I'm continuing to play catch-up with the #BestReadsOf2022 posts. I'm skipping some of the prompts since they don't apply to what I read this year, so that actually makes it a little easier. :) Here are days 7 thru 13. 


The only re-reads I had this year were the first two books in The Others series (Written In Red and Murder of Crows). But it's likely that even if there had been other re-reads, these still would have come out on top. This series is an all-time favorite and listening to them on audio (again and again) is like revisiting old friends.



Uh, how much time do you have? 😁 Since romance is my mainstay, the genre I read from almost exclusively, there's a lot to choose from. No way can I narrow it down to just one, so here are just some of my favorite romances from the year.


Audiobooks play a big role in my reading. I love the experience of allowing a narrator (or, preferably, narrators) to use their voice and make the story come alive for me. It can make for such an immersive reading experience. There have been many audiobooks that I've truly enjoyed this year, but I can easily say that one stood out above the rest: Carrie Soto Is Back. Taylor Jenkins Reid's audiobooks have the best production value around and Carrie Soto was a great example of that. With full cast narration (including some former tennis greats) and even sports commentary (complete with theme music) that made me feel like I was listening to ESPN, this audiobook brought Carrie to life in a way that was unmatched by any other audiobook this year.


With rare exceptions, fantasy is not a genre I generally turn to. In fact, the only thing close to fantasy this year would be the Psy-Changeling series, which is urban fantasy at most. (Some classify the series as paranormal romance, but for the sake of the prompt, I'm going with urban fantasy.) I read the first six books in the series this year (along with loads of bonus material), and it's safe to say I'm hooked. What a fascinating world Singh has created.


Historical fiction is another genre that is a rarity for me, and the only book that would truly qualify this year is a historical romance: The Belle of Belgrave Square. When I saw a trusted blogger friend (Rachel @ Waves of Fiction) rave about it, her review was enough to capture my interest. What a surprise this one was! I was captivated from the start. I knew I was hooked when I found myself getting positively giddy over sidelong glances and the touch of hands. :) Matthews delivered a slow burn historical romance that I adored - so much so that I had to order a physical copy for myself before returning my library copy.



  1. I haven't read any of these, but I totally get how impossible it is to narrow best romances read in one year down to just one.

  2. I really loved the full cast recording of Daisy Jones & The Six, so it's very fun to hear that the Carrie Soto audiobook is also a big production!

  3. My daughter is hooked on full cast audiobooks. I think I have only listened to one (an old David Levithan book)

  4. You already know that I agree with you on Carrie Soto!

  5. You're making me regret dumping that Cole book when I went through my Kindle last year. Might have to read it anyways! I know how you feel about picking one romance book. I can never do it!

  6. I do love Written in Red and hope to do a re-read someday. I liked Carrie Soto but didn't love it. I am so glad that it worked so well for you.

  7. The Wall of Winnipeg and Me is still my favorite Zapata, but I have a few I've bought and haven't had time to listen to yet. Yes, The Others is such a great series! I re-read Written in Red a while ago and loved it all over again. Yay for The Belle of Belgrave Square making your list! It's on the list I'm compiling for favorites too! And yay for the Psy-Changeling series! So good! :)

  8. Reminders of Him is my favorite romance too. It was so good!