Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Reasons I Love the Addicted Series

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme 
This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic was pretty open for interpretation. Ten Reasons Why I Love (fill in the blank). It could be a book, an author, a TV show, a hobby. But, having just seen Krista and Becca Ritchie over the weekend, what immediately came to my mind were all the reasons I love their Addicted series. (Note: If you have not read the Addicted series, be warned that spoilers abound in this post! Seriously, they're *everywhere.*)


At its heart the Addicted series is all about the characters. A group of six flawed individuals who make mistakes and grow and live and love and laugh. With each book every character has grown and developed. They each have such distinctive voices and personalities that leap from the page. As I'm reading I can feel it all: Lily's awkward shyness as she blushes, Rose's anger and frustration simmering when she's been wronged, Daisy's mock gasps and her laughter, Lo's sarcasm and biting wit, Connor's cool demeanor as he calmly assesses every situation, and Ryke's fierce protectiveness of Daisy and Lo. They have grown from names within the pages of a book to characters that I love and cherish.


Krista and Becca are such incredibly talented writers and storytellers. And it's a testament to their abilities that every character and every plot feels completely and utterly realistic - never venturing into melodrama or over-the-top situations or characters. 

Hand in hand with that realism is their willingness to approach serious topics with honesty and sensitivity while never shying away from the truth. It all started with a sex addict and an alcoholic but throughout the series these characters have also dealt with invasion of privacy, verbal and emotional abuse, depression, post-traumatic stress, betrayal, celebrity culture, the ethics (or lack thereof) of the media/paparazzi, and so much more. And it's never salacious or overblown but always in line with the natural progression of the characters and their stories.


Oh yeah, you knew this had to be on my list. :) Because love and romance abounds throughout the Addicted series. From the soul-deep unconditional love between Lily and Lo, to the cerebral connection between Rose and Connor, to the wild and passionate love between Daisy and Ryke... it's always there. And while they show it different ways... it's always there. When Lo carries Lily in a piggyback, when Connor and Rose speak terms of endearment in French, and when Ryke ruffles Daisy's hair and calls her Calloway... it's there. 


I love the focus on family in the Addicted series - whether it's biological family or the one you create by choice. And among the family it is the relationships between the sisters that shines. Having two sisters myself, I love the way their bond is portrayed and the fierce loyalty they feel for one another.


Seeing the friendships form over the course of the series has been incredible. And the bromances are epic. Lo & Connor and Connor & Ryke... it doesn't get any better. The psuedo-sexual banter between Connor and Lo never fails to make me laugh and the snarky barbs thrown between Ryke and Connor are hilarious. But underneath the jokes and the teasing are strong friendships built on trust and respect and a shared history. They've seen each other through so much and no matter what they always have each others backs.

6. 10 BOOKS!

Need I say more? There are TEN books worth of LiLo, Caballoway, and Raisy goodness. This is good. This is very, very good. (Despite the fact that I still wish for more... )


Never have I ever met authors who are as humble and kind and genuine as Krista and Becca. I've had the pleasure of spending some time with them on two occasions and both times were just... amazing. They are intelligent and funny and friendly and completely down-to-earth. I've never met with authors who seemed so genuinely appreciative of their readers. And so willing to give of themselves and their time. I adore these ladies and think the world of them.


Ah, the Fizzle Force... the fandom for the Addicted series. A drama-free group of readers that is so welcoming and shows such kindness and support to one another. Other fandoms take note: this is how it's done!


Wow, there have been *so* many. I suppose each reader has her own but these are some that have been my favorites and have stayed with me: the truth about Ryke and Lo's relationship revealed at the party at the hotel (Addicted to You), Daisy revealing to her sisters what her friends did to her (Hothouse Flower), Ryke's confrontation with his mother (Addicted for Now), Connor's lap dance (Kiss the Sky *and* Fuel the Fire), Ryke and Jonathan Hale's talk in the jail cell (Hothouse Flower). There are sooo many more but these are a few of my favorites.


Oh boy, how much time do we have? All the scenes that made my heart hurt and made my heart swell, all the banter that made me laugh, the times I was moved to tears... there have been so, so many. But some stand out above all the rest and here they are: Lo telling Lily to wait for him (Addicted to You), Ryke and Lo's confrontation at Red Rock in Utah (Hothouse Flower, Thrive), Rose's offer to Daisy while at the mountain cabin (Fuel the Fire), Ryke and Connor's conversation at the hospital in Paris (Hothouse Flower), Ryke's breakdown in his room after confronting his mother (Addicted for Now), the birth of Jane in the limo (Addicted After All), Ryke being arrested on the tarmac as Connor holds Daisy back (Hothouse Flower), Lily telling Lo she's pregnant (Thrive).

So there you have it - ten reasons I love the Addicted series. And, yeah, this practically turned into a novel the size of one of the Addicted books, but when it comes to these books, these characters, and these authors... I can't help sharing the love. I know at least two friends/fellow bloggers have started the Addicted series at my urging (pushing, insisting... ) but if *you* haven't yet - what are you waiting for?! 


  1. I read the first book years ago before it came out but I really need to binge read the rest of the series because of how big the fandom has gotten!

    1. Same here, Dana. I read Addicted to You as an arc from Netgalley and what a find it was. I'm so glad I took a chance on it because my love for the series has only grown. Hope you'll jump into the rest of the series!

  2. Okay, okay...I'll put this series on my *must-read* summer list. There. Are you happy now?!? ;)

  3. And yet I still haven't read it. I bought it because you mentioned it and have yet to pick up, soon. I will, soon!

  4. I think you were the one that told us about reading this series a while back! :) I know how much you LURVE this series girl and it shows in your writing! I can't wait to start this series! I love how all of these characters have something to do with the other and they somehow tie in with each other. :)

    1. I had no idea when I started the first book that all those side characters were going to come to be such major forces in the series! Now I just love them all and I'm so immersed in their lives. :)

  5. ♥ your list and you have definitely convinced me -- I NEED to read this series !!!!

  6. This is amazing! You said everything about this series in a way I wish I could. So just know I'm going to be sharing this everywhere on your behalf. Love you!

    1. Aw, what a nice thing to say! But it's easy to gush and share the love about this series. I know you love it every bit as much. :) Love you too, doll!

  7. I suck so bad. I got the first book for free from amazon like, years ago and I still haven't read it. I KNOW, I KNOW. I'm trying to get better at reviewing more of the new adult that I read. I've heard the books get better and better as the series progresses, so I'm definitely going to pick it up. ONE OF THESE DAYS I PROMISE. & keep reminding me too if you have to. Leave " Hey Tika have you read Addicted yet? " as a footnote on every comment you leave on my reviews lmaoo

    1. Oh boy, be careful what you ask for. LOL You know I'm practically rabid about this series so me hounding you about it could become your worst nightmare. You'll end up blocking me. ;) But seriously, I do hope you'll pick it up at some point. It really is a remarkable series that is so easy to get invested in.