Totally Should've Book Tag

This is such a fun tag! I've seen it around a lot (especially on BookTube) and never got around to doing it myself. But the lovely Jazmen at This Girl Reads a Lot recently tagged me so here we go.

This was an easy pick. I neeeed an Eleanor & Park sequel. I mean, surely I'm not the only one who wants confirmation of what Eleanor's postcard to Park said (I can guess, but I really want to *know*). And I just want to check in on these two wonderful people and make sure they're okay.

The Thunder Road series is still new itself, with only two books released, but just those are enough to make me wish for a spin-off series featuring the adults - Eli, Cyrus, Olivia, Pigpen and the other members of the Reign of Terror motorcycle club. Whether it be present-day or back when they were teens/young adults, I'd be so on board for it. Did you hear that, Katie? I'll be waiting.

I would looove to see this on the big screen! Seeing the world of the Fae come to life - I think it would be visually stunning. Then there are the relationships, the romance, the friendships, the intrigue, the villian(s)... it could be epic! 

I'm hesitant to even give thought to this one but, in a perfect world, this would be so, so good. I don't watch television but for the Addicted series I would make an exception. There are so many ways this could go wrong, but let's just say that everything was done right - perfect casting (luckily Krista and Becca already have their dream cast picked out), completely true to the books, on HBO or similar so none of the edginess is lost. I'd go from forgetting I own a TV to watching this show obsessively. :)

I don't have an answer for this one. Because I love dual/multiple points of view and I can't think of a single one that I would have changed to just one POV.


I loved The Hook Up. Big time. But I find both editions to be positively cringe-worthy. This book deserves a much better cover.

This dystopian trilogy is... not so good. The first book was meh, the second book made me cringe and the third book - I wouldn't know because I *did* stop reading.


Unpopular opinion here: I've always loved the original Lux series covers. Hello, cover model Pepe Toth! (If under duress I would admit to possibly stalking Pepe's social media because that face.) The cover change with the girl's half-face... not a fan. 

I admit it - I totally judged this series before I ever started it. I adore JLA but when I first picked up this prequel to the Dark Elements series I was like, "Gargoyles? Seriously? Yeah, I don't know about that." Naturally I was sucked right in, loved the trilogy, and was firmly Team Roth.

Have you read any of these books? How would your answers differ?

I tag:

and any one else who wants to join in!


  1. Obviously a massive YES to the AddicteD series coming to my TV. God, I would die.
    I think we'll eventually get a sequel to E&P. She was writing the script for the movie until recently when it fell through. So I foresee her revisiting the book now.
    ACOTAR sold its rights to some film company. So fingers crossed that comes through.
    I so agree with the Lux books. I mean the originals aren't amazing but the cover change is gross. Look at her makeup. What is this the 80's.
    Roth is mine.
    Thanks for the TAG. I'm pretty sure I did this a few months ago? I'll have to check. Haha

    1. Oh wow, I hadn't heard that news about RR and E&P. So there actually is hope. Sweet! And an ACOTAR movie... please let it actually happen. And be awesome. LOL @ the 80's makeup reference. Bahaha! Seriously? You wanna get all scrappy for Roth? After I backed away from Connor even after the quiz said he was mine? :)

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  3. Thank you, just saw this and will get to my tag soon!

    I 10000000000000% agree re: the awful cover for The Hook-Up and that the Lux series should not have had cover changes! Both make me angry!

    1. Preach! The original Lux covers get so much hate and I so don't get it.