The Sunday Post #36 (Even Though It's Monday)

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I had every intention of getting a Sunday Post up yesterday but... yeah, that never happened. Between grocery shopping, laundry, addressing Christmas cards (confession time: and a nap), I just flat ran out of time yesterday. But, nothing wrong with a weekly wrap-up on a Monday! 

I'm still bogged down at the office and by the time I get home I am just done. This week should be the end of it, though (I say with my fingers crossed), with meetings and dinners (that I am planning) finally out of the way. 

In addition to work madness, we had a house guest last week so that was something else that threw me off my regular routine. This was a friend of The Husband's who has stayed with us several times before, and he's a good guest, but it's always good to get back to the norm.  

Tuesday, December 6: Top Ten Tuesday was about sharing the new-to-me authors I've read this year. I didn't think I had that many but it was easy to come up with ten! And there are several that I'll definitely be reading more from. 

Wednesday, December 7: Top 5 Wednesday had me picking the books that have been on my TBR for far too long that I *will* be reading in 2017. There was one stand alone, one series I want to start and three books in ongoing series. I'm ready!  

Us - Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy
Before We ere Strangers - Renee Carlino
The Anatomy of Jane - Amelia LeFay

Fall With Me - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Sunday's At Tiffany's (Audio Re-Read) - James Patterson


Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson


The Story of Us (Carnage #1) - Lesley Jones
The Spiral Down - Aly Martinez


From Sand and Ash - Amy Harmon

How was your week? Any new books? Any news to share? 
You know I want to hear about it! :)


  1. The Spiral Down is so good! And I can't wait to read Amy Harmon's newest, enjoy :D

    1. I need to one-click The Fall Up before I get to The Spiral Down. I could have sworn I already had it but apparently I don't. And I'm declaring 2017 the year I binge read Amy Harmon. lol

  2. From Sand and Ash *runs around the room screaming*, I cannot wait to read that one!

    1. Me too, me too! Renee Carlino (love) and historical (love)... I am ready for greatness!

  3. I hate being thrown of my routine. The worst. What did you think of Before We Were Strangers??? I got Amy Harmon's newest too.Have a great week!

    1. I *loved* BWWS, Grace! Loved it! I don't know how I'm going to write a coherent review without gushing like an idiot. LOL

  4. Sometimes those naps are needed. :) Enjoy your new reads!


  5. Sigh...I love a good nap. haha I'm glad that your house guest is gone now. Even the best house guest can be a bit tiring, I get that! I hope that your tiring work is over now that it's Friday!

    1. Yes! House guest is gone (hooray for getting back to a regular routine), the worst of the craziness is over at the office, and I even took Friday off (mental health day!). I'm in such a better place than I was a week ago. :)