Review: For the Love of Hockey by Taylor Lavati

For the Love of Hockey by Taylor Lavati

Series: For the Love #2

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: December 1, 2015

Format: e-ARC

Source: Provided by the Author

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Lindsay Wilson has spent her entire life protecting her five younger siblings. At eighteen, she knew the man she’d devote her life to, but when he left her, her passion dimmed. Engrossing herself in her small business and jumping from guy to guy could only distract her for so long.

Finn Jacobs chose his dream of playing professional hockey over the girl he loved. Year after year he competed, throwing himself into the game. After an injury that could end his career for good, he begins to question his decision all those years ago.

Six years later, Lindsay and Finn’s paths cross yet again. The reunion is less than ideal, both unhappy and unfulfilled in their personal lives. Lindsay’s barriers begin to crumble as Finn discovers she’s not the same girl he left behind. They try to avoid each other, but sometimes life forces you to face your past mistakes to make them right. Can their love survive a second chance?

In this inspiring tale of true love and loss, Finn and Lindsay discover each other and find their forever.

My Thoughts

I read the first book in this companion series, For the Love of Ash, last summer and it was charming and refreshing. No overblown drama and thoroughly likable characters that had me invested in their HEA. So I jumped at the chance to receive the second in the series which focuses on a secondary character from the first book (the sister of the male lead from the first book). 
I never particularly warmed to Lindsay in the first book, she always seemed a bit cold and prickly, but she was a secondary character so it didn't really matter. Unfortunately here, where she is the main character, it mattered a lot.  

Lindsay and Finn were high school sweethearts. Those rare couples that find each other early in life and it's the real thing. They had plans after high school that would keep them together - Lindsay would follow Finn to Canada where he would train while being recruited by professional hockey teams. But that never happened. Not together, anyway. The night before they were to leave, Finn broke up with Lindsay. 

Six years later Finn and Lindsay are thrown together when Lindsay's brother, who is Finn's best friend, is getting married. They are both in the wedding so there's no avoiding each other. Not that Finn's trying. He's been missing Lindsay for six long years. He was certain they would stay in touch after he left but instead Lindsay cut him out of her life. Now he's trying hard to rekindle the flame, or at least be her friend, but Lindsay is having none of it. Finn's actions six years ago cut her to her core and she's never been the same - building walls to protect her heart so no one can hurt her again. But Finn isn't giving up, not this time.

Now there's other way to say this: I didn't like Lindsay. Simple as that. She was bitter and angry and she hung on to the past with both hands and refused to let go. She certainly had her admirable qualities - her devotion to her siblings was remarkable and heartwarming. But when it came to Finn she was on total witch mode 24/7 - angry, rude, and hateful. She constantly rehashed the past and dwelt on the fact that he broke her heart and she could never trust him again. It became repetitive: Finn tries to be nice, Lindsay lashes out and cuts him off, she tells him how badly he hurt her. Repeat, repeat, repeat. We get it Lindsay, someone hurt you SIX YEARS AGO when you were teenagers. Build a bridge and get over it, girlfriend. 

The saving grace here was Finn. This guy was either a saint or a glutton for punishment. He professed his love for Lindsay constantly but for the life of me I never could understand why. He went on about what an amazing person she was, but I never saw it. Finn however was sweet and genuine and loving and 100% selfless. He put himself out there again and again, sharing his feelings with Lindsay, begging her to open up to him as well, willing to alter almost everything in his life to accommodate her and be with her. In other words, serious book boyfriend material.

I think I would have been more forgiving of Lindsay's deplorable behavior towards Finn if she had come around sooner. But this went on until about the 70% mark and by that time it was too late for me - I was already wanting to stick pins in a Lindsay voodoo doll. Thank goodness for Finn... because all my happy moments came from him.

2.75/5 Stars 

Note: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion of the book or the content of this review.
What happens when you can't connect with (or even like) the main character? 
Does it ruin the whole reading experience for you or can you still enjoy the story?


  1. I love that this was truly an honest review!

    1. Thanks :) Why bother reviewing if you're not going to keep it real? lol

  2. Yeah, it does kinda ruin the whole story when you can't connect with an MC - no matter the reason. And I'm with you on Lindsay...she sounds like a grade-A witch. Finn, on the other hand, sounds like a guy I'd like to meet (in a book). It is really interesting that he kept at Lindsay - didn't give up. That's some certainty about what he felt for her there.
    I'm sorry this wasn't as fulfilling an experience as the first book was, Tanya. But I appreciate your candid thoughts. :D

    1. Thanks Brandee. Yeah, this one... not so much. Which was disappointing because I enjoyed the first one so much. And Finn... great guy. And I loved his persistence. But because I couldn't find too many redeeming qualities in Lindsay, it made his persistence confusing. As a reader I couldn't understand *why* Finn was fighting so hard for her. Definitely a disconnect.

  3. Oh hey, your ranty review. :P
    I've been coming across a lot of Lindsay's lately. Get over it or don't, but if you're not going to forgive him than move the hell on. I don't want to read a book about some girl absolutely drowning in the past, a past romance that isn't life alternating because you were in high school. Plus making a bitter MC is not fun to read from. I can definitely see where your hate was coming from. Lindsay sounds like a moron.
    But you have to admit that writing ranty reviews are so fun!

    1. LOL You are so right, girl. Sometimes a ranty review is a joy. I totally go off and then I'm like veryone is going to wonder why I gave this 3 stars because it sounds like I hated it! LOL It wasn't all bad but it's just lame when the MC is the one driving you crazy. Uh hello authors, do not make your MC unlikable!