Best in Books | August 2016

Best in Books is a monthly feature created by BookTuber Hope Ortego
A playlist of her Best In Books videos can be found HERE.

My friend Hope does a fun monthly feature on her YouTube channel called Best In Books. It's a little different than the usual monthly wrap-up and I look forward to them every month. I asked for permission to use her feature on my blog and she was sweet enough to say yes! If you're not already following Hope on YouTube (or anywhere on social media!) you're missing out. Hope and I became friends last year and I am so glad to know her. She is an absolute ray of sunshine, so full of happiness and positivity - and who doesn't need more of that in their life? :) 

Oh, and be prepared because I plan to gush about Some Kind of Perfect in this edition of Best in Books. Just be happy it doesn't appear in *every* category. :)
3-Way Tie: Lily, Daisy and Rose from Some Kind of Perfect
There's no way I can choose just one (and it's my Best in Books so I don't have to, so there). Each of these women have grown and changed so much over the years and their strength and devotion to family was on full display in Some Kind of Perfect.
3-Way Tie: Lo, Connor and Ryke from Some Kind of Perfect
Who didn't see that coming? These men have truly come into their own in Some Kind of Perfect. They overcome so much, both personally and as a group, and their relationships are stronger for it. And really, is there any better bromance than Connor and Lo?
The Crown's Game
I was fairly certain I would enjoy The Crown's Game. I have a love of Russian history and culture so a YA novel that features a magic competition and takes place in Imperial Russia? Yes, please! I loved the mix of actual history with fiction (Tsar Alexander being very real; his son Pasha, the crown prince, being a fictional creation). I loved the magic system and the way it was explained. I adored the main characters and was so invested in the story as it unfolded. And there were plot twists that I did *not* see coming. Plus, Steve West was a top notch narrator with both Russian and French accents that felt completely authentic. I'm already excited about the second book releasing next year.
Be With Me
I love the humor in Jennifer L. Armentrout's books and Be With Me was no exception. I'm sharing two and if you're bothered by profanity feel free to cruise on down to the next category. Otherwise, highlight the text below to see my picks for Best Laugh.

"Are you fucking serious?"

He blinked once and then narrowed his eyes. "You don't need to cuss."

"I'll fucking cuss if I want to fucking cuss," I snapped. "Fucker." 


Damn me straight to hell and back. I was never drinking again. Fuck beer and the keg it rode in on.
The Proposal
This short story is *really* short (like just a few pages) but getting to witness Cam's proposal to Avery after reading Wait For You and Trust In Me was such a swoony moment. Cam was nervous, Avery cried, and Teresa and Jase were on hand (along with Cam's parents). It was just... perfect.

I have two and, YES, both are from Some Kind of Perfect:

"The greatest medicine on Earth isn't a pill. It's compassion. The ability to make someone feel less alone."

"We speak of moving mountains, but sometimes people can completely rotate the world, just so someone else can land upright on their feet."
Some Kind of Perfect

Shocking, no? This one was a no-brainer. No other book I read in August could match this one. This book spans ten years in the lives of characters that I have loved for so long. This was the culmination of a series that means so much to me. Some Kind of Perfect followed the six main characters, using all six points of view, through good times and bad, through acceptance and forgiveness, through struggles and victories. And always with an amazing focus of family, loyalty, love and support. Some Kind of Perfect isn't just the best of August... it will be one of the best of the year. 

Now it's your turn... what was your best book of the month in August? 
Or the best surprise? Pick a category and tell me your answer below. :)


  1. Sounds like a good month with books!! I had two favorites - Leave Me and The Choices We Make. Hope we both have a great September!!

    1. I'm probably going to give Leave Me a pass. I'm really hit or miss with Gayle Forman. But The Choices We Make looks super interesting!

  2. I'm glad you had a good reading month, Tanya! I love the Wait for You series! Those books are SO cute and funny and downright awesome. I can't wait for the next book to come out! I couldn't get into Addicted to You, so I never continued the series, but Some Kind of Perfect sounds really great! I'd love to have a book like that after every single favorite series of mine. :D
    Great post!
    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    1. I love the Wait for You series! :) I've only read the first three books (well, #1, #1.5 and #2) so I have some catching up to do. I think next up is Stay With Me and I finally get to meet Jax - who several of my friends rave about. :)

  3. ♥ these sorts of questions/lists! And The Proposal was pretty awesome no matter how short !

    1. Same here, Eva. I'm a sucker for "best of" lists, countdowns, favorites... love 'em. :)

  4. The quote from Some Kind of Perfect was amazing. I had feeling it was going to get your best book award for the month when it made it in all the other topics hehe

    1. LOL Yeah, there was kinda no doubt about what the best book of the month was going to be. :)

  5. Some kind of Perfect sounds really good, no wonder it made into so many of your answers in this post! I've been meaning to read Crown of Game ever since I first set my eyes on it, but somehow or the other it away ends up getting pushed lower and lower in my TBR. Oh well. One day. Great post, Tanya! Loved reading your answers :))

    Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques

    1. Thanks Ruzaika! Some Kind of Perfect was such a perfect finish to the Addicted series. And The Crown's Game was sooo good! You need to move it back up to the top of your TBR. :)

  6. This is the first I've read a post like this! I think my favorite quote this month was from Nowhere But Here: "Running is still running. It doesn't matter if it's a physical move from one place to another or if it's within yourself."
    Emily @

    1. Hey girl! It's only the second time I'm posted a Best in Books but my friend Hope (a BookTuber, and the one who created Best in Books) has been doing monthly Best in Books videos for probably a year now. She is an absolute joy and I think those are my favorite videos she does. She was kind enough to let me borrow the feature for my blog. :)

      That is such a great quote from Nowhere But Here. I have so much love for the book and those characters. ♥