Best In Books | September 2016

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Today was supposed to be a Freebie Friday post but I was having issues with Rafflecopter. So instead I've done a quick switcheroo and Freebie Friday will take place tomorrow, on Saturday, and today I'm sharing my Best In Books for September. Let's get started! 
It Ends With Us
Let's just sit back and ooh and ahh, shall we? Because I love it all. The colors, the font, the design... this one just does it for me. When I first got the book I didn't even notice the way the flowers are broken and fractured. Seeing the lilies like that now - oh, the feels.

Blurred Lines
The banter in Blurred Lines was So. Good. I loved Parker and Ben's friendship... and friendship with benefits. There were so many laugh out loud scenes that I lost count.

"I need an extra hour."


"I just wolfed down an entire plate of Chicken Parmesan, heavy on the cheese."


"So...obviously I need to let the food settle."

"Sex isn't like swimming, Parks. You don't have to wait for thirty minutes before diving in."

"I can't have sex now. What if I get....rumbly."

Lily from P.S. I Like You
I loved this girl! I found Lily so incredibly relatable. There were many times that her reactions or her take on certain situations gave me flashbacks to my own teenage years. I felt like I truly understood Lily. She was far from perfect but she owned her shortcomings and worked to change them and do better. I loved her sense of humor and her willingness to be her own person. Such a great YA protagonist!
Sean from Choosing Happy
Picking my favorite male character was so easy this month. Sean from Choosing Happy was a stand-out. Yes he was gorgeous - blond hair, gray eyes, great body - but there was so much more to Sean than his looks. He was charming and funny, he loved to tease and have fun. He was so thoughtful and generous and always put Madison's needs ahead of his own. And this was not some moody, brooding guy. Sean was full of life and joy and it was contagious to those around him. He really was the total package.
it rode in on

I loved Sean so much that he also delivered my favorite quote for September:

"You asked me once to make you happy and I would give anything to spend my life doing just that, but the truth is that if you want to be happy, you have to choose it."

It Ends With Us

I've yet to write a review for this one (I'm still at a loss of how to share how I feel about this remarkable story) so I'll keep this brief. I'm going to leave it at this: not only is this my best book of the month, this is Colleen's best book to date.


Now it's your turn: What was the best book you read in September? 


  1. What a great month!!! I loved It Ends With Us and think that cover is stunning. Lily is the best right?? Such an adorable book. My best book was Winter. Such a great series ender.

    1. I've yet to write a review for It Ends With Us, Grace. I'm like, what can I possible say? It left me kind of speechless. Lily from P.S. I Love You was totally adorable! I can't believe I haven't started the Lunar Chronicles yet! Maybe after the first of the year...

  2. PS I Like You has been on my wishlist for a while now! I love Kasie West's books so I'm really looking forward to her newest one!
    Looks like you had a really good reading month Tanya!
    Emily @

    1. P.S. I Like You was so adorable! I've seen some people say that it was predictable but I didn't think so at all. Maybe I'm just clueless but it didn't go the way I thought it would go. :) I've only read one other by Kasie West (The Distance Between Us) but now I want to read everything by her. :)

  3. Probably Kitchens of the Great Midwest but you can see my recap here: My September Recap!

    I really like that series by Lauren Layne so I love your laugh quote!!

    1. Kitchens of the Great Midwest... now there's an interesting title. Off to check out your recap in just a minute.

      Blurred Lines was only the second book I've read by LL but I loved it. I'm about to one-click Good Girl in just a sec. :)

  4. Ahh, such lovely books! And you've added 2 to my tbr, Tanya. I *must* read Blurred Lines...that quote! Ben is wrong - sex is like swimming and you have to wait for a little bit after eating. ;) And I also really like the quote from Choosing Happy because it's so true! I can't wait to see what you thought of It Ends With Us. CoHo is always good at leaving me rather speechless for a review too. :) Thanks for sharing your best of September, Tanya!

    1. Ah, so pleased to have added to your TBR! LOL Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne was so, so good. I adored Ben and Parker and their relationship and banter. It gave all the feels while also making me laugh out loud. Perfect blend. And Choosing Happy was good, too. I actually preferred the first book in the companion series (Somewhere In Between) but this one was a good read, too.

  5. What is I get "rumbly?!" I love it, also a legit concern :p

    1. That exchange just made me laugh out loud, Amber. And Parker was right... that's completely understandable. :)