Short Take Reviews: My Fake Fiancé, My Brother's Forbidden Friend, When In Rome



Piper Rayne
Format: Kindle
Trope(s): fake relationship, small town

Small town innkeeper Mandi had watched her siblings find their true loves over the years and while she was happy for them, she was also lonely and wished for the same. A  friendship with frequent guest Noah had developed over the past few years but had never progressed beyond a mutual flirtation - which made it all the more surprising when he asked her to pose as his fake fiancé.

I enjoyed Mandi's story so much and that was largely due to the lack of drama and angst. At 30 years old she was ready for a serious relationship and the pretend engagement to Noah wasn't so hard to pull off because the feelings were real. I appreciated that Mandi was a plus size woman who wasn't obsessed with her size, and Noah was a sweetheart who worshipped her and wanted Mandi to see herself as he saw her - curvy, sexy, desirable, and beautiful. Much love for these two characters!  4.25 STARS


Piper Rayne
Format: Kindle
Trope(s): Brother's best friend, enemies to lovers, small town

Cam and Chevelle's story had been teased since practically the first book in the Greene Family series so it's been a long time coming. Cam provided care and understanding to Chevelle when she lost her mother at the tender age of five. Over the next 25 years their combative relationship hid their mutual pining. Chevelle was fiercely independent and still struggled with guilt over her mother's death. Cam was the privileged golden boy who suddenly found himself cut off financially by his father and was forced to find his own way. 

I loved seeing these two slowly (finally!) open up to one another and experience how good they were together. Despite Cam's swagger, he was a total romantic and head over heels for Chevelle. And it was a relief to see Chevelle finally set aside the burden she'd carried for so long and allow herself to love and be loved.  4 STARS


Sarah Adams
Format: Audio
Trope(s): Small town, celebrity, grumpy-sunshine

Inspired by her favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, Roman Holiday, pop star Amelia (aka Rae Rose) ran away from her life and straight to Rome - Rome, Kentucky, that is. When her car broke down in front of Noah's house he reluctantly took her in and let her stay in the guest room until her car was repaired. With Noah, Amelia could let her guard down and be herself, but Noah had been hurt before and knew it was only a matter of time before Amelia returned to her life, far away from Rome, Kentucky.

Sweet and cute are not words I would use to describe my usual reading preferences, but I took a chance on When In Rome and it really paid off. Adams delivered cuteness overload (in a good way) and had me grinning ear to ear for most of the 9+ hours of the audiobook. Noah was a total softy under the grumpy exterior, Amelia was a ray of sunshine, and their banter was everything.  Even though emotional and angsty is more my style, I was totally charmed by this light and fluffy confection.  4.25 STARS



  1. I agree, Noah was such a softy. Him with his family melted my heart. Glad you enjoyed When in Rome.

    1. Sam - Noah had such a great relationship with his sisters. I'm wondering if they are going to get their own stories.

  2. I've read When in Rome and really enjoyed it. I'd like to read a Piper Rayne book sometime as I've heard she's very good

  3. I love the short take reviews. I think I'm going to start doing one post with shorties for all of the books I read each week. Glad you enjoyed each of these. I'm looking forward to When In Rome.

  4. I haven't read any of these, but I did just check When in Rome out of the library. I'm hoping to read it next week. :D

  5. I haven't read any of these. I probably wouldn't read the Noah Adams, but I really love the covers for the Piper Rayne ones. I do love seeing Piper Rayne there and love it when authors write curvy heroines.

  6. When in Rome sounds like my kind of story! I love Grump/Sunshine romances! The fake relationship trope is fun too!

  7. These books sound really great! I've been wanting to read a Piper Rayne book. I'm definitely adding these to my TBR.

  8. I have not read any of these. I do want to try Piper Rayne's work and When in Rome sounds delightful.