Aaaand, I'm Back!

Long time no see, book friends! I've been tied up all this past week with jury duty and I've really missed everyone!  There hasn't been any time for book reviews (or posting of any sort, really) and barely any time for reading. I've truly missed posting and checking out all the book blogs I follow. My email is overflowing with all the updates and I'll slowly make my way through them all this week, I'm sure. I feel like I've been gone for ages and have missed so much, so I can't wait to dive back in. Funny how quickly you get used to seeing posts from friends, sharing your own posts, and connecting through comments. :)

I'm excited about getting back into the swing of things this week and I'm looking forward to getting caught up with my fellow bloggers. Hope everyone is enjoying the long holiday weekend... and I'll be back very soon (hopefully later today!) with a new post.

Happy reading!

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