Top Ten Tuesday: Book-to-Movie Edition

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme 

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is all about book to movie adaptations. Which ones are you looking forward to, which ones have you yet to see, which ones are your favorites. So here we go... 

10. Mockingjay Part 2
Yes, this is probably on almost everyone's list but there's good reason for that - it's The Hunger Games, people. It's Katniss and it's Peeta. What more could you need?

9. The 5th Wave
Loved the book and can't wait to see how they translate it for the big screen.

8. Me Before You
 This was one of my favorite books of 2014 so I'm equal parts excited and nervous to see it adapted.

7. Shadowhunters
The 2013 movie was a colossal disappointment so I'm skeptical of the TV adaptation... but I know I'll be checking it out come January.

6. Allegiant
I know. Believe me, I know. After Allegiant (the book) and Insurgent (the movie), I'm not expecting much. But, like a glutton for punishment, I'll be going back for more. There's hope, right? Right? Anyone?

5. Eleanor & Park
Color me happy! I just recently heard that E&P had been optioned and that Rowell herself is penning the script. I am pleased. Very, very pleased.

4. The Bronze Horseman
 Just last month, author Paullina Simons announced that it is finally happening. I'm thrilled but oh so nervous. TBH is my favorite book EVER. The movie could be positively epic and bring my Tatia and Shura life... or it could shatter every perfect image I have in my mind and ruin this masterpiece. But no pressure.

3. Obsidian
 Jennifer Armentrout had many in full fangirl mode when she announced last month that a movie for Obsidian is finally moving forward, with a screenwriter in place. This one will be tricky because (cover model) Pepe Toth *is* my Daemon. And while he is a professional athlete and a model, I've never seen "actor" listed next to his name. Maybe he can hurry up and take some acting lessons. 

2. Beauty and the Beast
Nothing but goodness. This simply can't miss.

1. Ugly Love
Please get this right. Please, please, please get this right.

Which book to movie adaptation are you most excited for? What's your favorite adaptation that you've already seen?

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