New Release Review: Show Me How by Molly McAdams

Show Me How by Molly McAdams

Series: Thatch #3

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 23, 2016

Format: Kindle

Source: Edelweiss

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After her first love was ripped from her grasp four years earlier, Charlie Easton was sure she would never be able to trust anyone with the shattered pieces of her heart again. That is, until Deacon Carver forces himself into her life, and makes those pieces swirl in chaos. But Charlie doesn't know how to let him in… until a stranger stumbles upon a notebook filled with her innermost secrets, and shows her how.

Deacon Carver is known for sleeping his way through the town of Thatch, as well as the surrounding cities—something he used to take pride in. But that persona has haunted Deacon ever since he decided to leave that life behind for the girl he wants more than anything: Charlie Easton.

But when another girl falls into Deacon's life, allowing him to be himself without judgment for his past, will their conversations hinder his relationship with Charlie… even if he's never seen her?
My Thoughts

Show Me How is a wonderful addition to Molly McAdams’ Thatch series. In it we get to delve into the lives of characters that we know from the previous books in the series – Charlie and Deacon. The road these two have to travel to find their way is an emotional one, filled with missteps, but so, so rewarding.

Charlie has returned to Thatch after college and is focused on one thing and one thing only: getting custody of her three year old son, Keith. She gets a job, she sets up a home for she and Keith, doing everything required to make sure Keith is finally hers even as she continues to grieve for Ben, Keith’s father and her only love. Being back in Thatch brings her face to face with Deacon and her heart is telling her that maybe she can love another. 

"As I grew up and my reading material grew with me,
 my standards for my Prince Charming morphed, but
 never lessened. I was so sure I would find my Prince Charming, 
even if he wasn't as princely as I'd dreamed when I was a little girl."

Deacon has always been known among his friends as the king of the one night stands. A guy who’s had to stretch his conquests beyond the bounds of Thatch because he’s slept his way through most every girl there. He’s not even sure that love really exists – certainly not for him. So why is it that he can’t stop thinking about Charlie?

The growth in both Charlie and Deacon was so well done and I loved seeing how far they’d come, even though it wasn’t an easy journey. Through misunderstandings and mistakes and fears, two people who were convinced that a forever love was not possible, find their way to just that.

I enjoyed the fact that previous characters in the series played such prominent roles in Charlie and Deacon’s story. Jagger and Grey, Knox and Harlow, Graham – they were all here and made for such a richer story. And then there was Keith. I’ve never been a fan of small children in books. They are usually too precious and too precocious for words and the over the top cute factor leaves me cold. Not so here. Keith was a little bundle of energy and laughs and was so adorable that I couldn’t help but be completely charmed. His talk of ‘supapowers’ with Deacon made me smile every time and whenever he mentioned ‘the grassy place’ my heart hurt. McAdams managed to make Keith a completely believable three year old little boy that lit up every scene he was in.

The epilogue was just perfect and had me teary-eyed. The fact that it was in Deacon’s point of view made it that much more poignant. I’m sad this is the last entry in the Thatch series because I would love to return to this cast of characters again and again.

3.5/5 Stars

Note: Show Me How is the third in a companion series. It can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading the series in order for a richer experience and to better understand the relationships between characters.

* I received an advance review copy from William Morrow via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


  1. I just finished this one last week and really enjoyed it. I hadn't read the previous books but was ok with the story still. I agree Keith is a great kid in a book. Totally not annoying. Loved all the character growth. Can't wait to read the rest now. Great review!

    1. Thanks Grace! I received an ARC of To the Stars (book #2 in the Thatch series) earlier this year so I quickly read Letting Go (book #1) first. Out of the three, To the Stars remains my favorite. I just empathized with the main character (Harlow) so much and Knox was wonderful. I got to meet Molly McAdams at ApollyCon back in February and she signed my review of To the Stars which I absolutely treasure! Hope you'll enjoy the other books if you decide to read them!

  2. YES. YES, I WILL PICK THIS BOOK UP. You always seem to always have read the best books! Even time I come here, I'm like... Yeah, I need to rad this book now, and then I never get around to doing it because #poor and #ihavetoomanywants

    1. LOL I love that I can add to your TBR. #sorrynotsorry But I totally get the too many wants thing. My younger sister once said "I can't afford myself" and that still cracks me up.

  3. LOVE the name Deacon! and this series overall sounds really good although i'm sorry to hear this one wasn't such a hit for you!

    1. What?! You love the name Deacon?? But it doesn't start with an R. How about Reacon? Will that work? ;)

      The series is a good one but my fave is definitely still the second one (To the Stars).

  4. Great review! I've been curious about this series but I'm becoming more convinced. I love how you describe the growth of the characters!

    1. The series definitely isn't without its flaws (there can be over the top drama, and the girls always seem to have *every* man fawning over them LOL) but I still enjoyed the series as a whole. The second one in particular, To the Stars, was my favorite. I hope you'll enjoy them too if you decide to give the series a try.