BuzzFeed's 27 Hotties in YA: My Thoughts

Did everyone see BuzzFeed's article yesterday? 27 Hotties From YA Novels Who'll Make You Thirsty AF It was too good not to share and I thought I would add a little commentary. I've weeded out the ones from books I haven't read (since I have nothing to base the comparison on) but you can use the link above to see the full list. My thoughts are in pink. I'd love to hear what you think! Let's chat about the real casting... and dream casting... in the comments.

1. Peeta Mellark - I was always Team Peeta and I like the casting of Josh Hutcherson. Such a cutie and now he just *is* Peeta to me.

Swoonworthy Moment: “My nightmares are usually about losing you,” [Peeta] says. ‘I’m okay once I realize you’re here.’” - Catching Fire
Played By: Josh Hutcherson

2. Tobias “Four” Eaton - Theo James. 'Nuff said. ♥

Katherine Tegen Books
Summit Entertainment
Swoonworthy Moment: “When [Tris’] body first hit the net, all I registered was a gray blur. I pulled her across it and her hand was small, but warm, and then she stood before me, short and thin and plain and in all ways unremarkable- except that she had jumped first. The stiff had jumped first. Even I didn’t jump first. Her eyes were so stern, so insistent. Beautiful.” - Allegiant
Played By: Theo James

3. Jace Wayland - I love Jace in the books but wasn't a fan of the movie casting. (Actually wasn't a fan of the movie but that's another story.) Jamie Campbell Bower is just to scrawny and angular and just... *not* Jace.

Simon and Schuster
Constantin Film Produktion
Swoonworthy Moment: “’There is no pretending,’ Jace said with absolute clarity. ‘I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.’” - City of Glass
Played By: Jamie Campbell Bower

4. Gale Hawthrone - No. Just no. Let's scroll back up and look at Peeta some more.

Swoonworthy Moment: “[Gale] tilts his forehead down to rest against mine and pulls me closer. His skin, his whole being radiates heat from being so near the fire, and I close my eyes, soaking in his warmth. I breathe in the smell of snow-dampened leather and smoke and apples, the smell of all those wintry days we shared before the Games. I don’t try to move away. Why should I anyway? His voice drops to a whisper. ‘I love you. That’s why.’” – Catching Fire
Played By: Liam Hemsworth

5. Edward Cullen - Twilight gets its share of haters but I happily admit I loved the books and saw all the movies. And while they couldn't have possibly got the casting for Bella more wrong if they had tried, I thought Robert Pattinson made a mighty fine Edward.

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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Swoonworthy Moment: “’Dream happy dreams. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep, my only love.’” - Eclipse
Played By: Robert Pattinson

6. Magnus Bane - Now who doesn't love Magnus Bane? I think everyone who has read The Mortal Instruments (or The Infernal Devices) has a soft spot for the immortal, flamboyant warlock. Sadly, I found Gao's acting cringe-worthy, but I did think he had the look down.

Margaret K. McElderry Books
Constantin Film Production
Swoonworthy Moment: “’Still I pictured having you for fifty, sixty more years. I thought I might be ready then to let you go. But it’s you, and I realize now that I won’t be anymore ready to lose you then than I am right now.’ [Magnus] put his hands gently to either side of Alec’s face. ‘Which is not at all.’” - City of Fallen Angels
Played By: Godfrey Gao

8. Jacob “Jake” Black - Not much to say about Jacob (I was a Team Edward kind of girl) but I've got no beef with Taylor Lautner.

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Summit Entertainment
Swoonworthy Moment: “’But I’ll never see anyone else, Bella. I only see you. Even when I close my eyes and try to see something else.’” - Eclipse
Played By: Taylor Lautner

9. Augustus Waters - Ah, Augustus. I remember seeing the previews of TFiOS and thinking "Ehhh, I don't know..." But then watching Ansel Elgort *become* Augustus Waters... wow. He nailed it. Big gold star for whomever cast Ansel as Gus.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images
Swoonworthy Moment: “‘I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.’” - The Fault in Our Stars
Played By: Ansel Elgort

11. Adam Wilde - I can't say I have any strong feelings about this one. I think Jamie was fine as Adam, but a lot of other people could have been fine, too. 

DiNovi Pictures
Swoonworthy Moment: “’Mia, Mia, Mia, this is the you I like. You definitely dressed sexier and are, you know, blond, and that’s different. But the you who you are tonight is the same you I was in love with yesterday, the same you I’ll be in love with tomorrow.’” - If I Stay
Played By: Jamie Blackley

13. Evan Walker - It's been a minute since I've read The 5th Wave so I don't have a good picture of Evan in my head, but I'm liking this pick. No idea who Alex Roe is but I'm all for it.

G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Victor Chavez / Getty Images
Swoonworthy Moment: “’You’re the mayfly,’ he murmurs. And then Evan Walker kisses me. Holding my hand across his chest, his other hand sliding across my neck, his touch feathery soft, sending a shiver that travels down my spine into my legs, which are having a hard time keeping me upright. I can feel his heart slamming against my palm and I can smell his breath and feel the stubble on his upper lip, a sandpapery contrast to the softness of his lips, and Evan is looking at me and I’m looking back at him.” - The 5th Wave
Played By: Alex Roe

The following are people we believe would perfectly bring these hotties to life:

14. Daemon Black - No, no, no. No one but Pepe Toth will do. Come back and see me when you have Pepe Toth. That is all. Run along now.

Entangled: Teen
Jason Merritt / Getty Images
Swoonworthy Moment: “‘I want to spend every second, every minute, every hour with you. I want a year’s worth of seconds and minutes with you. I want a decade’s worth of hours, so many that I can’t add them up.’” - Origin
Dream Cast: His dark hair, hazel eyes, and perfect bod makes Tyler Hoechiln the right choice to play Daemon.

18. Raffe - Okay, so I haven't read this one, but my husband has. So I showed him this picture and asked if he could be Raffe. His answer: "They have it all wrong. He looks too soft." So there you have it according to Robert. :)

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
Swoonworthy Moment: “‘You accept me just the way I am, regardless of whether or not I even have wings. Even when I had my demon wings, you’ve never looked at me with pity. You’ve never wavered in your loyalty. That’s who you are – my brave, loyal, lovable Daughter of Man.’” - End of Days
Dream Cast: Drew Roy has played bad boys on both Hannah Montana and iCarly so he’s got that tough guy exterior that makes Raffe so hot, already down.

22. Park Sheridan - Aww, Park! I get all the E&P feels just thinking about him. I think this guy could be Park... just do something with the hair and add some black guy-liner. :)

St. Martin's Griffin
Ben Gabbe / Getty Images
Swoonworthy Moment: “Holding Eleanor’s hand was like holding a butterfly. Or a heartbeat. Like holding something complete, and completely alive.” - Eleanor & Park
Dream Cast: Christopher Larkin has the cute smile and short, dark hair that just screams Park.

24. Kenji Kishimoto - Eh... not really feeling this one. I love me some Kenji but I don't think Booboo is the one. Keep looking, BuzzFeed.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
Swoonworthy Moment: “Kenji snorts. ‘That’s because you’re not fragile,’ Kenji says. ‘If anything, everyone needs to protect themselves from you. You’re like a freaking beast,’ he says. Then adds, ‘I mean, you know—like, a cute beast. A little beast that tears shit up and breaks the earth and sucks the life out of people.’” - Ignite Me
Dream Cast: Booboo Stewart has the best combination of dark hair and dark eyes that makes Kenji so swoonworthy.

25. Chaol Westfall - Absofreakinglutely not. This is NOT Chaol. What kind of madness is this? Be gone with you. We shall not look at this one again. 

Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Jason Merritt / Getty Images
Swoonworthy Moment: “’I worry because I care. Gods help me, I know I shouldn’t, but I do. So I will always tell you to be careful, because I will always care what happens.’” - Crown of Midnight
Dream Cast: Torrance Coombs short, Auburn hair is just like Chaol’s. Sure, his eyes aren’t the exact same color as Chaol’s is but that’s what color contacts are for.

27. Levi Stewart - Um, no? This is so not how I pictured Levi. First, I don't remember him having longish hair. (Where was I when that was described?) Secondly, this guy is too much of a pretty boy. Levi is so not a pretty boy. Get real.

St. Martin's Griffin
Jason Merritt / Getty Images
Swoonworthy Moment: “’I like your glasses,’ [Levi] said. ‘I like your Simon Snow T-shirts. I like that you don’t smile at everyone, because then, when you smile at me.… Cather.’ He kissed her mouth. ‘Look at me.’
She did.
‘I choose you over everyone.’” - Fangirl
Dream Cast: Besides having the perfect hair for this role, Austin Butler definitely has Levi’s great chin that Cath is so in love with.

So what do you think? For those that are already in movie adaptations... did they get it right? And what about the dream casting? Do you have better picks?

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