Top Ten Tuesday: Book Genie Edition

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme 

A book genie? Yes please! (Is anyone else picturing Robin Williams' blue genie from Aladdin?) Who wouldn't want someone to make their biggest book wishes come true? I'm getting a little swoony just thinking about it. While I'm still lucid, here are the 10 Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me...

10. Authors Who Can Write As Fast As I Can Read

Pretty self-explanatory but, seriously, how awesome would that be? No more waiting months or even a year for the next book. Just finish one and *poof* the next book is ready and waiting for you!

9. 1 Hour Delivery? Nope! How About INSTANT Delivery?

I know Amazon is offering one hour service in some locations but sometimes even that's just Not Good Enough. When there's a pre-order you can't wait another minute for, or a book you've decided you Must Have Now... the gift of instant delivery is totally worth one of my genie wishes. 

8. Book Events? I'm There!

The means to attend All the Events! A private jet at my disposal would be most helpful. Oh, BEA is in NYC? No problem. RT Book Convention is in Vegas this year? I'll pop on over.

7. No More Waiting For Paperback Releases

 Sure hardcovers look pretty on my bookshelves but when it comes to actually reading... give me the paperback. But waiting six months or a year for the paperback release? So over it! The waiting is a killer! So my genie will make sure that paperbacks and hardcovers release at the same time. Then everyone can get what they want... no more waiting.

6. No Mid-Series Cover Changes

Enough with the mid-series cover changes? Just... Stop It. Genie would make sure that never happens again. Jennifer Armentrout's Lux series is a prime example. The first four books all had one look (with the oh-so-yummy cover model, Pepe Toth). Then the final book - whole new look. WTH, book publishers?! Enough with the cover changes. No more.

5. A Book Twin

 I want that one person out there who has read *ALL* the books I've read and wants to talk about them all the time. Will you send her my way, Genie?

4. Book Friends: Live and In Person

 It's never been easier to connect with bookish friends online. There are blogs and BookTube and GoodReads and Twitter and it goes on and on. But I'd love to have some IRL book friends to totally fangirl with. :)

3. Endless Amazon Gift Card Balance

 It's such a sad, sad sight to see my Amazon gift card balance dwindle. My Genie would make sure that my gift card balance was always topped up. 

2. BFF's: Author-Style

 Okay, Genie, we're getting to the big ones now. If I'm going to wish I might as well wish big. So guess who my new BFF's are? That's right: Colleen Hoover, Abbi Glines and Jennifer Armentrout. We would totally hang out all the time. We're like the Fab Four.

1. Daemon Black

I'm not greedy, Genie. You can keep everything else if you grant me Daemon Black. Pretty please! ♥

So what would ask the Book Genie for? Let's chat about it. :)

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