The Sunday Post #05

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Not a lot of bookish news this week but there was still fun to be had. :) I met up with my sister for dinner last night for a belated birthday dinner (her birthday was October 4) and had an amazing time. We met at Mimi's Cafe, a French-American restaurant, and had *so* much fun just catching up. She lives at the beach so we're about 30 miles apart. While we text All The Time, between my schedule and her schedule we don't see each other a whole lot. So any time we get together is loads of fun. Last night we had good food, a little white sangria, and lots of laughs. I love our time together.♥

Also of note, my home team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, they of the losing season (1-5), actually won the game against the Bills today. And they had to go to London to do it. Apparently they play better overseas. I'm not much of a sports fan but it's still exciting to see the home team win.


Last week's Top Ten Tuesday topic asked the question "What 10 wishes would you ask of the Book Genie?" It was so much fun coming up with my wishes and I loved seeing everyone else's, too.

Top 5 Wednesday had me sharing my favorite authors that I've discovered so far this year. I enjoyed going back over everything I've read this year and picking authors that were new to me and made a real impression. And it reminded me that I want to read more by Mia Sheridan and J.A. Redmerski *soon.* 

For That's What He Said Thursday I shared quotes from Cade - an absolute sweetheart from a series by Renita Pizzitola that totally deserves more attention. 

On Friday I shared my thoughts on BuzzFeed's recent article about hotties in YA lit. Definitely my most popular post of the week. It was a blast to chat about movie casting and dream casting in the comments. I love how everyone has an opinion on when casting is spot-on... and when it's so, so wrong.

And finally, my review of My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak was posted on Saturday. While I had a few issues with it, it was still enjoyable. 3.5/5 stars


My Book Depository order came in - separately, of course (what's up with that, anyway? Just send them at the same time!). I saw +Shannon Miz at It Starts at Midnight mention The Next Together and the premise just blew me away and I feel like I'm going to *love* this one. Unfortunately it wasn't available at Amazon (say what? I thought Amazon had everything!) so I went through the Book Depository. I had also been hyperventilating over Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner but didn't want to pay the hardcover price - so I tacked the UK edition onto my Book Depository order. I'm so glad I did because it's simply gorgeous and I love it way more than the plain US hardcover edition.

I managed to rein in my one-clicking last week and there were only two additions to the Kindle:
I already own Nowhere But Here in hardcover but it was $0.99 on Kindle. And I'm supposed to pass that up? Yeah, I don't think so. And Undeniable (also $0.99) looks perfect for when I'm in the mood for a dark/intense romance.


I'm about 150 pages into Five Ways to Fall by K.A. Tucker. This is the last book in the Ten Tiny Breaths companion series and I'll actually be sorry to say goodbye to these characters. I have *loved* this series and the first book (Ten Tiny Breaths) made me an instant fan of Tucker. The plus side is that after this one I can move on to her Burying Water series so there's more fantastic storytelling to come! 


So what was your week like? Any new books?
Anything interesting happen? Tell me about it!

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