Review: Falling for the Wrong Guy by Sara Hantz

Title: Falling for the Wrong Guy by Sara Hantz
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary
Release Date: October 12, 2015 by Crush (Entangled Publishing)
Format: e-book
Source: NetGalley and Entangled Publishing
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Ruby Davis has a crush on her brother’s best friend. At least, he was his bestie until the big betrayal. Now Drew is off limits to everyone, especially Ruby. She can’t stand the way people treat him, or the way he feels about himself. It isn’t right. And those deep green eyes are calling to her.

Drew is scarred and damaged, and he has no business even looking at Ruby. But he can’t help himself. She’s beautiful, but he does his best to stay away. When they are assigned a school project, they become reluctant friends – even though they want so much more.

She’s torn between her feelings for Drew and loyalty to her brother. There’s no way they can ever be together...but love just might find a way.

My Thoughts

Ruby has had a big crush on Drew, her brother's best friend, for a long time. But a tragic event and a betrayal ended that friendship. Now, after a year long absence, Drew is back at school and Ruby realizes that, despite everything, her feelings haven't changed. But does getting close to Drew mean a betrayal of her own brother?

Meanwhile, Drew is dealing with both physical and emotional scars that have drastically changed his life. He is crippled with guilt and is certain that he is undeserving of forgiveness or even happiness. When a class project has him spending time with Ruby Drew begins to question if just maybe there is still a chance for redemption and even a reason to find happiness again.

Falling for the Wrong Guy is a pleasant YA contemporary that deals with themes of grief, forgiveness, family bonds and healing. Ruby found herself in a difficult position - caring for a boy that was once practically part of the family but who is now shut out due to a tragic event that took place a year ago. While she understands her brother's feelings, she hates to see Drew suffer and does her best to be a friend show him that he is not alone.

Unfortunately, Falling for the Wrong Guy does way too much telling and not enough showing. The narrative became repetitive with the continual passages of Drew feeling guilty, Ruby feeling conflicted, and Ruby and Drew both fighting a losing battle against their feelings for one another. This led to a disconnect with the characters and they ended up feeling one-dimensional. Ruby also came across as a total Mary Sue character and I found myself referring to her as Little Miss Fix-It, the girl who always knew just what to say to Drew and seemed determined to single-handedly solve his issues (when in reality he truly needed therapy to deal with what happened).

Falling for the Wrong Guy had a moving story line but unfortunately the one-dimensional characters and the telling-instead-of-showing narrative made it fall flat.

2.5/5 stars

Note: ARC provided by NetGalley and Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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