That's What *HE* Said Thursday #14

That's What He Said Thursday is a weekly meme created 
and hosted bChapter Break. It's a fun way to share a quote 
from a favorite book boyfriend (aka male protagonist) to his girl.
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I came across the first book in Renita Pizzitola's Crush series on NetGalley last year and was instantly a fan. I was thrilled to get ARC's for the next two books as well and they only cemented my love for this series. While all three books have swoon-worthy guys, I definitely have a soft spot for Cade. He is such a sweetheart!♥ Equal parts sweet and sexy and funny and patient and kind... awesome book boyfriend material! Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from him... enjoy. :)

"This probably isn't the right time to say this, or hell, maybe it's the perfect time. Really, I thought you knew, but our conversation earlier made me realize you have no idea how much you mean to me."

"I don't know what's been going on, but the thought of you ending things when they were just getting started tears me apart. And for the last week, I've seen it coming. I tried to give you space but I knew where it was headed, but please just wait. I can't hear it tonight. Pretend we are okay for one more day."

"Quit being all grumpy. I'm RSVPing to your f**kfest. I mean, I've never had one, but it seems pretty self-explanatory."

"Fallon, one day we're going to have sex, and I promise you it will be mind-blowing."

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