Rosemary Beach... It's Almost Over *sob*

If you've been following me for any time at all you know I love Abbi Glines and I *really* love her Rosemary Beach series. It's my book crack... I'm totally addicted.

Rosemary Beach is a very real place on the Gulf Coast of Florida. And, as a Floridian, I feel fairly certain that I could hop on over there on any given day and run into all the characters I have come to know and love over the past 12 books. I'd swing by the Kerrington Country Club, of course, and there would be Blaire, Della, Harlow and Bethy having lunch in the dining room. From the window I can see the guys heading in from a round of golf - there's Rush, Grant, Woods and Tripp. Oh, who just arrived? What a surprise! Mase and Reese are here from the ranch in Texas for a weekend visit. Even Dean (yep, the Slacker Demon rock star himself) is in town, back at Rush and Blaire's house babysitting little Nate.

Okay, okay, so I know they're not *really* there but it's fun to imagine. Abbi has created an entire cast of characters that feel as though they live and breathe and I am totally invested in their stories. 
Yesterday Abbi revealed the cover of The Best Goodbye, the next to last book in the Rosemary Beach series. This is Captain's story (Blaire's half brother). He had a pretty significant role in the last book, When You're Back, and I had mixed feelings about him. He obviously has a serious, compassionate side but I also was ready to throat punch him for meddling in Reese and Mase's relationship. It'll be interesting to see how his story plays out in The Best Goodbye.

I'll be *so* sad to see this series end but at least there are still the final two books to look forward to. The Best Goodbye releases on December 1, 2015 and can be pre-ordered here: Amazon US  Amazon UK 

Do you read the Rosemary Beach series? Or have a favorite series that you're not ready to say goodbye to?

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